Adrian Potter


A Third Hand Between Craft and Trade
Christine Nicholls celebrates an exhibition that brings people of craft and trades to work together.

by Dr. Christine Nicholls

Adrian Potter: Artist Profile

Roy Ananda is a South Australian artist and writer.

by Roy Ananda

Adrian Potter: Furniture Designer/Maker, Woodworker, Conceptual Artist
Craftsouth is pleased to promote its membership of craft, design and visual art practitioners through commissioned critical writing.

by Dr. Christine Nicholls

A Voice of the Soul: The Furniture of Adrian Potter
Historically, furniture has carried in some distilled form the political ideology of its time; Neo-classical, Empire, Federation, Modernism: it carried narratives about the hopes and directions of nations, of peoples, of societal revolution. In this collection, Adrian Potter speaks about what has, and what will determine the form of future Australia - about the future determinant resource and politics of water.

by Rodney C. Hayward

Adrian Potter: Thinking Furniture

by Jonathan Binzen

Adrian Potter's Little Ship on Little Waves

by Jonathan Binzen


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